Our Mission

The following are the major aims of the AAPSC:

  • To promote and foster the advancement of pastoral studies and counselling from a distinctively African perspective.
  • To create a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience of pastoral concern in Africa and to help raise such issues to a focal point.
  • To promote and foster an awareness of the spiritual, psychological and social processes taking place in Africa as they relate to Pastoral Studies and Counselling and to consider their theological significance.
  • To stimulate greater understanding and co-operation among students of African Pastoral Studies and Counselling.
  • To open up avenues and encourage specialized consultations, publications, training research, clinical education and supervision in pastoral studies relevant to the African situation.

Our History

The African Association for Pastoral Studies and Counselling (AAPSC) was formed in February 1985 in Limuru, Kenya. I came into being after an ecumenical meeting and was initiated by Professor Jean Masamba ma Mpolo from Zaire together with the World Council of Churches. The Association seeks to promote the Advancement of Pastoral Studies and Counselling from a distinctively African perspective and world view.

The AAPSC encourages specialized consultation, researched publications, and training in clinical and counselling education relevant to the African Situation.

List of congresses held

  1. The First Congress was held in Kinshasa (DR Congo) in 1992
  2. The Second one was held in Accra, (Ghana) in 1993
  3. The Third Congress was held in Pretoria, (S. A) in 1997
  4. The Fourth was held in Yaounde, (Cameroon) in 2001
  5. The Fifth Congress was held in Abuja (Nigeria) in 2001
  6. The Sixth Congress was held in Stellenbosch (S. A) in 2009
  7. The Seventh Congress was held at Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi, Ghana) in 2018

Additional history and published outputs from earlier conferences have been compiled and published. See the following link:

https://www.sipcc.org/downloads/IPCC-020-txt.pdf [Federschmidt, K. Temme & H. Weiss (eds.), Voices from Africa on pastoral care: Contributions in international seminars 1988-2008, Magazine of the Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counselling (SIPCC)]

Our Board

Prof Vhumani Magezi | South Africa, North-West University, South Africa

Vice President
Mrs Enyidya Uma-Onwunta (Chief Magistrate) | Nigeria

Prof Christo Thesnar | South Africa, Stellenbosch University

Assistant Secretary
Mrs Ivy Anane-Adjei | Ghana

Rev Zacharia K. Ramoaotsi | Lesotho

Assistant Treasurer
Dr Paul Mpongo | DRC

Editor in Chief & Projects Secretary
Prof Emmanuel Y Lartey | USA, Emory University

From left to right:

  • Prof Christo Thesnar (Secretary)
  • Mrs Enyidya Uma-Onwunta (Executive Committee member)
  • Dr Isaac A. Agyare (7th AAPSC Conference Convener)
  • Prof Vhumani Magezi (current AAPSC President)
  • Dr. S. Ayete-Nyampong (former AAPSC President)
  • Mrs Ivy Anane-Adjei (Vice Secretary)
  • Dr Paul Mpongo (Vice Treasurer)
  • Rt Rev Samuel Kofi Asabutey (Diocesan Bishop Accra- Methodis Church Ghana)
  • Rev Zacharia K. Ramoaotsi (Treasurer)
  • Dr Akpanika Ekpenyong